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Brand: Hysun Marine / OEM
Code: HS515-025
Model: CSK395
Feature: Expedition / Touring Kayaks
Material: Korean Boat PVC 0.9mm,1000D,1050g/m².
Color: L.Grey / D.Grey / Red / Black
Original: 0.00

Hysun Marine expedition / touring kayaks are ready for miles of wilderness exploration anywhere on the globe. Stand and fly fish or get into any place where other boaters can't go, with this practical vessel!

Kayak Touring Window

"New Optional Transparent Bottom / Touring Window"

Easy to carry and portable to store, this kayak is a must for any RV, campground, fishing trip or any other situation where a vessel's portability is important. If you live in a condo next to the water, but have no place to dock full size plastic kayak, then this inflatable kayak will keep you ready for adventure in a moment's notice.

This kayak is made of the same heavy-duty 1100 Dtex PVC as Hysun Marine inflatable boats and rafts. The floor can be made of a high-pressure air deck that is extremely rigid when inflated, but can be rolled up when deflated.

Expedition Series kayaks come with 2 removable thwarts that can be installed almost anywhere in the kayak and can be used as a back support, or you can sit on top of a thwart. The CSK series kayak also comes with pre-installed heavy-duty D-rings to accept up 1 or 2 optional kayak seats.

This kayak was surprisingly fast during our tests and was very stable. It was tested in mangrove jungles and around remote ocean islands of the Florida Keys. The CSK395 inflatable kayak can be used on slow rivers, lakes, bays and calm oceans. However, this model was not designed for use on Class II or above river rapids, because it does not have self-bailing holes and comes with a slimmer 80mm air deck floor. The CSK395 could be DIY converted for whitewater use, by cutting out dime-sized holes in the bottom and placing Styrofoam plates on or under the air floor, in order to raise it up, add more buoyancy and expel more water from the kayak's hull.If you would like to customize your kayak or need more details, please feel free contact us.

♦  CSK Series Inflatable Kayak Customer Photos:

CSK Series Inflatable Kayak Customer Photos